The State of In between

31 Aug

I was in that place, where only a few go.

Listen to the breath

feel it come in

hold it

the energy of life.


Who needs anything more,

for a while I had a problem,

focusing my attention.

And then I decided,

took a chance,

let me try it once

a few times.


And it took just that to get to that place

where time slows

literally ceases,

in such a way

that we become one.


mystical, no, just human.


Return to yourself,

you own yourself

you own this experience,

a spiritual being,

a being of the universe that is expressing itself

in one of the most beautiful forms this world has

the experience of humanity.


Once you get there,

you’ll have new eyes,

from which you’ll see the significance

of every object, every life form, and especially,

your own.




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