Sour Deed

3 Jul

The kindest spirit can turn ugly

Very quickly,

When they dip their toes into the eternal muck.

Lie with ease,

And kill with no regret.


Temptation was my own undoing,

Slow and painful was my recourse

I tried to go back

I tried to find the way where there was something good  

But nothing has changed in this place,

Nothing ever changes

Unless something is done

Something vehemently good or bad


And who is the man who judges the worthy from the unworthy?

The scum from the warriors?

I thought that someone would save me…

I thought their was a purpose to every action,

And then I found out,

Rather horribly that the monster lives within…

The weakened soul.


So I left

With nothing in hand,

It tried to follow

My nasty sins

And the others with their petrified glances

Were happy to see me leave

And I myself was with joy

That I would never again have to see this place

The one place that never changes

The one place where hell exists.


Which later I found out,

Was not a place

Not in the physical

But sadly,

Only within….oneself,

But only if you choose

Only if you decide,

To live in it.


No matter which way you run

Which hidden passage you stay,

Hell can only exist if you let it.


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