Crack it Open

12 Jun

The problem that most of us have….or maybe it is just me

Is that I keep seeing things the same way

The same perspective.

But what if I was someone else?

What if I was someone living in another country

Another time

A misfortunate person

A person with nothing

A person who is angry

How would I interpret the art and stories that I love?

Well very differently.

Or what if I was the most creative person on earth?
How would I see the world and the things that fill it both living and inanimate?
Everything is connected, everything has a story, can tell a story.

The point is that we crack our eyes open to something new

Maybe the only way that we can create something meaningful

Is if we try and see the world in a different way

Or maybe we just need a new avenue to travel on

Something new to create an expression of life

That has never been seen before.

Crack your eye open

Your minds eye

And maybe just maybe

Anyone at any time can never ever be uninspired…

If we crack our eye’s open….



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