Cruelty of the Oblivious

11 Jun

Punched a hole in the wall

screamed at me,

called me names, said I wasn’t good enough.

I could have yelled back,

yelled the expletives.

Could have used my words to leave a scar.


But I wasn’t in middle school anymore,

this was the real world,

soon to be adults,

and controlling my own anger

was key.

Curve balls, life throws em at ya,

you can either react,

or put yourself outside of the situation,

and decide, whats the right thing to do— for me.

some people are arrogant, selfish, lost in the chaos of their own thoughts,

don’t let their hate ruin you,

I learned my lesson,

never defend someone who doesn’t want to be defended

because you’ll be the one who ends up getting hurt

good intentions are only seen by those who are rational.



Analyze the situation,

Deal with it.

Learn from it.

only remember the lesson,

don’t let the past consume you….

bother you

torment you

because it will end up killing you.


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