Sense of Loss…

25 May

Sense of Loss

Losing things all the time

lipstick, that’s okay

socks from an uncle, that’s fine

an ipod with an inscription from my mother, that’s okay as long as she doesn’t find out…

……..but it was pretty

I learned to get over losing things,

the insignificant things,


the objects of pleasure

my sources of desire,

those were harder to get over.

Then somewhere

I lost you

ah that’s okay

I’ll find another you

a replica maybe

that walks and talks,

just like you

Losing my mind

even better, lose that and I’m happy.

We get use to loss,

we learn how to accept it

Incorporate it as part of life.

First it’s the small things,

gradual steps to the bigger things get harder

I tried to think


Think why am I losing it all??

I liked it all–

the dumb toys’

the lovely promise notes,

the text messages of hopeless need,

Only memory can bring them back

and it’s never that good

never as satisfying as having it in your hand,

inside you,

your soul, your mind,

all get lost,

because the things you lose,

end up owning you.


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