Intoxicating Stench…

20 May

Intoxicating Stench

Lie to me.

There are many lies, big and small,

But the worst ones,

Are the ones we tell ourselves.

To get what I wanted, I told a lie.

Many little ones, but the biggest one, the worst one was the one I told myself…

That it didn’t matter how much damage I caused other people.

Until the mental struggle took physical form.

Instantly, I was at the party, I could smell it in the air,

Sex hung on the walls, a painter’s initiative when he first came in,

Drugs circled the rooms

And alcohol was just part of the scenery

Red cups  and keg stands

Shots for all!

Lose your morals for the night.

I don’t participate, just watch the show.

The easiest way to get away with a lie, is never ever participate

Let it filter every echoless mind, all you have  do is let it slip your lips,

And then dine at the outcome.

It’s evil, I know, but after years of watching the snowball effect of other peoples tortures…I learned.

A nameless beauty handed me a drink.

I smiled at her and of course, the fragile being accepted it.

Later love was uttered in a whisper,

She was more than ready to accept.

Evil comes in many forms.

It’s the things we say and do that determine how evil we are.

No one is born good

Or bad….

It’s a choice….and the power game starts

That sweet smell,

That sweet intoxicating stench gets me every time.

Every party,

Is a lie, waiting to happen.


2 Responses to “Intoxicating Stench…”

  1. boomiebol June 10, 2012 at 10:26 pm #

    Love this!!!!

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